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me & him

So, there's this boy. And he's kinda the love of my life.

We laugh, we play, we're best friends. That sort of thing.

We met in September 2011 when I started working at a network tech support center for BYU. At first he was just another one of the "nerdy guys" I was constantly surrounded by, but we ended up becoming close friends. In my single days I could be quite a shameless flirt so I'm sure I drove him a little crazy. Michael likes to term the next year as the "friend zone" where he asked me on multiple dates, but I did my best to make it clear that I was only interested in him as a friend. And he was fine with that. We told each other our secrets, gave each other advice, supported each other, laughed together. I always knew he would be there for me.

And then it was almost time for me to graduate. I had a lot to look forward to, but I did not want to leave behind any regrets. There were a couple of other guys I was maybe interested in at the time, but I knew the only one with real potential would be Michael. He told me how he felt one day after work, and I decided to choose him. I was worried it would be an awkward transition. I've tried dating good friends before and it had never worked. But with him, it was natural. We just fit, and I couldn't believe it had taken this long to figure it out. He knew me as well as anyone could, and completely accepted me (even my super weird quirks). We decided quickly that we wanted to be married, and after a two month engagement we were married shortly after I graduated.

I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's to forever.

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